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Table 1 General characteristics of the complete S. bongori RKS3044 genome

From: Genetic boundaries delineate the potential human pathogen Salmonella bongori into discrete lineages: divergence and speciation

AttributeValue% of Total
Genome size (bp)4,394,500100% of total genome
DNA coding (bp)3,859,99187.84% of total genome
DNA G + C (bp)2,258,64851.40% of total genome
Total predicted genes412187.84% of total genome
Protein coding genes401797.48% of total genes
RNA genes220.53% of total genes
Pseudo genes771.87% of total genes
Genes in internal clusters284769.09% of total genes
Genes with function prediction356386.46% of total genes
Genes assigned to COGs306674.40% of total genes
Genes with Pfam domains244968.54% of total genes
Genes with signal peptides3789.17% of total genes
Genes with transmembrane helices102324.82% of total genes
CRISPR repeats2