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Table 1 Summary of the KitaakeX genome assembly and annotation

From: Genome sequence of the model rice variety KitaakeX

a. Genome characteristics and assembly
 Estimated genome size409.5 Mb
 Assembled contigs size377.6 Mb
 Contig N501.4 Mb
 Longest contig8.6 Mb
 Assembled scaffolds381.6 Mb
 Scaffold N5030.3 Mb
 Longest scaffold44.3 Mb
 GC content43.7%
b. Transposable elements
 Retrotransposons size89.6 Mb
 DNA transposons size32.6 Mb
 Total size of transposable elements122.2 Mb
c. Genome annotation
 Number of protein-coding genes35,594
 Complete BUSCOs99.0%
 Average transcript length1874 bp
 Average coding sequence length1222 bp
 Number of functionally annotated genes33,226
  1. See method section for calculations; N50 = minimum sequence length needed to cover 50% of the genome; BUSCOs Benchmarking Universal Single-Copy Orthologs score