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Table 1 Assembled Genomes and Gene Sets for C. vestalis and D. collaris

From: The genomes of two parasitic wasps that parasitize the diamondback moth

 C. vestalisD. collaris
Contig N50 (bp)51,33325,941
Scaffold N50 (Kb)2609.6011030.36
Quality control (covered by assembly)
 Genome size (Mb)178.55399.17
 Number of scaffolds14372731
 BUSCO (n = 1658) (%)Ca: 96.7%, F: 2.4%C: 99.2%, F: 0.3%
Genomic features
 Repeat (%)2437
 G + C (%)29.9637.37
Gene annotation
 Number of genes11,27815,328
  1. aC: complete BUSCOs; F: fragmented BUSCOs