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Table 5 SNPs in each chip panel (SNPs after quality control) and samples used in the imputation

From: Combining information from genome-wide association and multi-tissue gene expression studies to elucidate factors underlying genetic variation for residual feed intake in Australian Angus cattle

SNP ChipNumber of SNPs
(after QCa)
Number of samples
Low density panel
 GGP_8K8753 (7569)849 (325)
 GGPLD-10 K-V2.09323 (7636)980 (424)
 GGPLD-20 K-V1.020,701 (14,062)1189 (534)
 GGPLD-20 K-V3.2525,712 (18,786)1138 (374)
 GGPLD-26 K-V3.026,728 (18,187)1344 (526)
 GGPLD-30 K-V4.030,865 (20,560)1556 (1)
 GGPLD-9 K8659 (6230)574 (6)
 LDMAX_SNPMap56,955 (39,736)3950
 ZM2_SNPMap60,911 (42,522)778
 GSTP_SNPMap54,609 (39,706)6673
 ZOE-50 K54,001 (37,231)231
 GGPHD-770 K777,984 (587,437)1069
  1. In low density arrays only the samples indicated in parenthesis were phenotyped for RFI. aQC: quality control