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Table 1 Part of positive data from [19] used for training and testing DeepBind

From: A generative model for constructing nucleic acid sequences binding to a protein

ProteinTypeSpeciesFamilyExperimentAUC in test data
TEAD4TFH. sapiensTEAChIP-seq0.990
NFATC1TFH. sapiensRelSELEX0.909
DRGXTFH. sapiensHomeodomainSELEX0.897
GCM1TFH. sapiensGCMSELEX0.841
NFKB1TFH. sapiensRelSELEX0.771
OLIG1TFH. sapiensbHLHSELEX0.733
RXRBTFH. sapiensNuclear receptorSELEX0.720
SOX2TFH. sapiensSoxSELEX0.605
BHLHE23TFH. sapiensbHLHSELEX0.557
MTF1TFH. sapiensC2H2 ZFSELEX0.538
FOXP3TFH. sapiensForkheadSELEX0.499
MBNL1RBPH. sapiensZnfRNAcompete
  1. Negative data was prepared by shuffling dinucleotides. TF: transcription factor. RBP: RNA binding protein. AUC of DeepBind for MBNL1 is not available