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Table 4 Distribution of the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at the open reading frame (ORF) of the prion protein gene (PRNP) in various species

From: Absence of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the open reading frame (ORF) of the prion protein gene (PRNP) in a large sampling of various chicken breeds

SpeciesPolymorphismsTotal, nRef.
HumanG54S, P68P, G114 V, G127 V, M129 V, G142S, R148H, N171S, D178N, V180I, T183A, T188K, E200K, V203I, R208H, V210I, E211Q, E219K, M232R, P238S20[6, 31, 32]
SheepS98R, Q101R, M112 T, A116P, A116E, G127S, A136V, A136T, M137 T, S138R, L141F, I142K, H143R, G145 V, N146S, D147E, Y152F, R154H, P168L, Q171R, Q171H, Q171K, Y172D S173 N, Q175R, N176K, V179E, N184H, Q189L, R231R, L237 L31[33,34,35,36]
GoatsW18R, V21A, L23P, G37 V, P42P, G49S, Q101R, Q101Q, W102G, K107K, T110P, V125 V, G127S, L133Q, M137I, S138S, I142M, I142T, I42I, H143R, N146D, N146S, R151H, R154H, P168Q, V179 V, D181D, T194P, F201F, T202 T, K207K, R211Q, R211G, I218L, T219 L, Q220H, Q222K, Q222Q, G232 W, G232G, S240P41[37, 38]
CattleK3T, S8S, V21E, S46I, N50S, P54S, G58G, G66G, G67S, W68R, G73A, Q78Q, G83G, K117K, M145 V, S146 N, S154S, S154 N, Y156C, Y174C, N184D, N185 N, N192 N, V200F, V200A, T204A, K205E, F209S, T210 T, T212A, K215R, M216 T, Q223H, I244V, L245F, P249P, I252F, L253P38[22,23,24,25]
ChickensNDa0[30], This study
  1. aND Not Detected