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Table 1 Scenarios based on choosing different phases of phenotypes for variance component estimation and average statistics of simulated datasets over 5 replicates

From: Bias in estimates of variance components in populations undergoing genomic selection: a simulation study

 Phenotyping periods (years)  No. of genotypes
phase (1–20)
Genomic selection
Size of pedigreeNo. of phenotypesBullsCows with phenotypeCows without phenotype
Pheno1 + 2160,131144,728855025,0214979
  1. aPheno1: phenotypes from only the conventional phase (1–20 years) were used; Pheno1 + 2: phenotypes
  2. from both the conventional phase and genomic selection phase (1–35 years) were used; Pheno2:
  3. phenotypes from only the genomic selection phase were used (21–35 years)