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Table 7 Runtime comparison for transcript assembly of single cell dataset with and without the Falco framework

From: Cloud accelerated alignment and assembly of full-length single-cell RNA-seq data using Falco

SystemNodesHuman - brain (hours)
  STAR + StringTie (with reference)STAR + ScallopHISAT + StringTie
Standalone1 (1 process)
 1 (12 processes)
 1 (16 processes)N/AN/A4.1
Falco10 node2.92.82.3
 20 node1.71.71.4
 30 node1.31.31.1
 40 node1.11.10.9
  1. Standalone number of processes indicates the number of FASTQ file pairs that are processed in parallel. Timing for Falco includes initialisation and configuration time which are approximately 10 min. Runtime for STAR with 16 processes is not available as some STAR processes are killed by the operating system, resulting in failure of the job