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Table 1 Transcription factors with over-represented targets in the different clusters

From: From bud formation to flowering: transcriptomic state defines the cherry developmental phases of sweet cherry bud dormancy

Targets cluster TF Name Peach genome (v2) gene id TF Cluster Predicted TF family TF Arabidopsis homologous TF Predicted function Enrichment adjusted p value
1 - dark green PavMYB63 Prupe.4G136300 1 - dark green MYB AT1G79180 Myb-related protein 6.7E-03 (**)
PavMYB93 Prupe.6G188300 1 - dark green MYB AT1G34670 Myb-related protein 3.2E-02 (*)
PavMYB40 Prupe.3G299000 8 - royal blue MYB AT5G14340 Myb-related protein 1.7E-02 (*)
3 - pink PavWRKY40 Prupe.3G098100 3 - pink WRKY AT1G80840 WRKY transcription factor 1.2E-02 (*)
6 - orange PavERF110 Prupe.6G165700 8 - royal blue ERF AT5G50080 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 5.2E-02  
PavRVE8 Prupe.6G242700 8 - royal blue MYB AT3G09600 Homeodomain-like superfamily protein RVE8 5.2E-02  
8 - royal blue PavRVE1 Prupe.3G014900 6 - orange MYB AT5G17300 Homeodomain-like superfamily protein RVE1 3.6E-02 (*)
PavABI5 Prupe.7G112200 7 - red bZIP AT2G36270 ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 5 7.0E-03 (**)
PavABF2 Prupe.1G434500 8 - royal blue bZIP AT1G45249 abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 7.5E-04 (***)
10 - yellow PavMYB14 Prupe.1G039200 5 - brown MYB AT2G31180 Myb-related protein 3.9E-02 (*)
  1. We investigated whether some differentially expressed transcription factors specifically targeted genes in specific clusters. Based on the gene regulation information available for peach in PlantTFDB [37], overrepresentation of genes targeted by transcription factors was performed using hypergeometric tests. p-values obtained were corrected using a false discovery rate: (***): adj. p-value <0.001; (**): adj. p-value <0.01; (*): adj. p-value <0.05