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Table 1 Transcription factors with over-represented targets in the different clusters

From: From bud formation to flowering: transcriptomic state defines the cherry developmental phases of sweet cherry bud dormancy

Targets clusterTF NamePeach genome (v2) gene idTF ClusterPredicted TF familyTF Arabidopsis homologousTF Predicted functionEnrichment adjusted p value
1 - dark greenPavMYB63Prupe.4G1363001 - dark greenMYBAT1G79180Myb-related protein6.7E-03(**)
PavMYB93Prupe.6G1883001 - dark greenMYBAT1G34670Myb-related protein3.2E-02(*)
PavMYB40Prupe.3G2990008 - royal blueMYBAT5G14340Myb-related protein1.7E-02(*)
3 - pinkPavWRKY40Prupe.3G0981003 - pinkWRKYAT1G80840WRKY transcription factor1.2E-02(*)
6 - orangePavERF110Prupe.6G1657008 - royal blueERFAT5G50080Ethylene-responsive transcription factor5.2E-02 
PavRVE8Prupe.6G2427008 - royal blueMYBAT3G09600Homeodomain-like superfamily protein RVE85.2E-02 
8 - royal bluePavRVE1Prupe.3G0149006 - orangeMYBAT5G17300Homeodomain-like superfamily protein RVE13.6E-02(*)
PavABI5Prupe.7G1122007 - redbZIPAT2G36270ABSCISIC ACID-INSENSITIVE 57.0E-03(**)
PavABF2Prupe.1G4345008 - royal bluebZIPAT1G45249abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor7.5E-04(***)
10 - yellowPavMYB14Prupe.1G0392005 - brownMYBAT2G31180Myb-related protein3.9E-02(*)
  1. We investigated whether some differentially expressed transcription factors specifically targeted genes in specific clusters. Based on the gene regulation information available for peach in PlantTFDB [37], overrepresentation of genes targeted by transcription factors was performed using hypergeometric tests. p-values obtained were corrected using a false discovery rate: (***): adj. p-value <0.001; (**): adj. p-value <0.01; (*): adj. p-value <0.05