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Table 2 Classification of the transcriptome according to GO terms

From: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of surf clams (Paphia undulate) infected with two strains of Vibrio spp. reveals the identity of key immune genes involved in host defense

GO accessionGO termFunctional categoryNo of DEGS
GO:0009987Cellular processBiological process11015
GO:0008152Metabolic process9015
GO:0022413Single organism process8013
GO:0002376Immune system process20
GO:0005623CellCellular component8515
GO:0044464Cell parts8213
GO:0032991Macromolecular complex153
GO:0044425Membrane part183
GO:0005488BindingMolecular function7517
GO:0003824Catalytic activity8416
GO:0008152Metabolic process9820
GO:0050896Response to stimulus181
GO:0051234Establishment of localization103
GO:0005215Transporter activity53
GO:0022413Single organism process207