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Table 1 Genome Sequencing, Assembly and Annotation Statistics

From: Genomes and secretomes of Ascomycota fungi reveal diverse functions in plant biomass decomposition and pathogenesis

GenomeMedian CoverageN50Max contig lengthTotal basesContigsCoding Sequences
Aspergillus CK392 (FGC_1)61.35370,614937,00627,610,9203568810
Coniochaeta CK134 (FGC_2)37.71258,339888,87037,872,879101310,628
Embellisia CK46 (FGC_3)37.76359,781950,06436,024,182258012,047
Chaetomium CK152 (FGC_4)31.538,802179,50934,976,647391711,804
Phoma CK108 (FGC_5)37.22166,777666,68935,585,417252610,223
  1. SPOCS clique analysis identified 2632 proteins with homologs in all five genomes (Additional file 1)