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Table 1 Overview of the de novo transcriptome assembly of Bracon nigricans venom glands

From: Venomics of the ectoparasitoid wasp Bracon nigricans

Sequencing and assembly parameters Value
Total number of raw reads 25,252,591
Paired-end reads after cleaning 24,437,756
Single reads after cleaning 796,318
Collapsed transcripts/unigenes1 42,334/25782
N50 of unigenes (bp)2 2636
% Reads mapped 93.3
Transcripts vs Bracon nigricans venom (proteins)3 4783 (109)
Transcripts vs UniprotKb (proteins)3 22,218 (9915)
  1. 1The number of transcripts/unigenes resulting after the assembly by Trinity and the subsequent collapsing step by CD-HIT
  2. 2N50 value, which represent the threshold delimiting 50% of the contigs in the entire assembly which are equal to or larger than the reported value
  3. 3e-value = 1e-5, in brackets the number of unique proteins found