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Table 2 Genes differentially expressed in the fat body as a function of aggression and upregulated as a result of immune activation [18]. The degree of overlap with the 57 Doublet et al. genes is significant (P = 0.01). Ten of thirteen genes show directional concordance (77%, one-tailed binomial test, P < 0.05)

From: The transcriptomic signature of low aggression in honey bees resembles a response to infection

BeeBase IDGene nameUp in LowRefSeq ID
GB54571FACT complex subunit Ssrp1N726058
GB40390Mitochondrial sodium/hydrogen exchanger 9B2-likeY725900
GB41361Cytochrome b5-likeY724654
GB44824Corazonin receptorY409042
GB48134Lactate dehydrogenase-likeY411188
GB51482Unchar LOC413858Y413858
GB49709Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 86N551400
GB40148Cytochrome b561 domain-containing protein 2-likeY100576555