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Table 2 The predictive abilities of genomic selection (\( {r}_{IH_g} \)) and traditional selection (\( {r}_{IH_a} \)) and the relative efficiency (E17 or E14) of genomic selection over traditional BLUP selection for branch-cluster frequency, stem straightness, internal checking and external resin bleeding

From: Genomic selection for non-key traits in radiata pine when the documented pedigree is corrected using DNA marker information

TraitDocumented pedigreeSNP-corrected pedigree
\( {r}_{IH_g} \)\( {r}_{IH_a} \)E17§E14\( {r}_{IH_g} \)\( {r}_{IH_a} \)E17E14
Branch-cluster frequency0.500.771.281.050.700.782.151.77
Stem straightness0.470.730.980.810.550.721.511.25
Internal checking0.510.710.920.750.590.701.371.13
External resin bleeding0.540.650.910.750.570.641.020.84
  1. § La = 17 years, La = 14 years