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Fig. 1

From: Overexpression of a modified eIF4E regulates potato virus Y resistance at the transcriptional level in potato

Fig. 1

Sequence alignment of the eIF4E gene family in modified ATL07 and non-transformed ATLWT tetraploid Atlantic potatoes. The first two lines represent the consensus eIF4E amino acid sequence and its corresponding nucleotide coding sequence as obtained from the ATL07 RNAseq data. The third line highlights sequence similarities (dots) and differences found with the ATLWT dataset. Polymorphic sites are represented using IUPAC nucleotide ambiguity codes. Changes in the predicted amino acid sequence of the eIF4E protein from ATLWT are shown in the fourth line. Sequence changes representing the pepper PVY-resistance pvr12 eIF4E allele mutations, synonymous and non-synonymous substitutions are highlighted in blue, yellow, and purple, respectively. The specific nucleotide sequences of the eIF4E multigene family are found in Additional file 2: Figure S2

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