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Fig. 3

From: Overexpression of a modified eIF4E regulates potato virus Y resistance at the transcriptional level in potato

Fig. 3

Comparison of transcription levels between eIF4E homologs in the ATL07 and ATLWT plants. Each panel represents the transcript levels of translation initiation factor eIF4E, novel cap-binding protein (nCBP), and the two eIFiso4E alleles in the modified ATL07 plants and in the susceptible ATLWT plants. Horizontal lines in each box represent the median (center), first (bottom) and third (top) quartiles of the TPM values. Each boxplot corresponds to three technical repeats for each biological treatment repetition in mock- and PVYO/PVYN:O-inoculated plants. For the TPM counts, the eIF4E homologs were mapped to the S. tuberosum reference sequences available at NCBI with accession codes NM_001288408 (eIFiso4E-1), NM_001288204 (eIFiso4E-2), and NM_006351298 (nCBP)

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