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Table 5 Evidentiary criteria for filtering transcript contigs based on the MAKER gene annotation features

From: Pan-tissue transcriptome analysis of long noncoding RNAs in the American beaver Castor canadensis

 Annotation ToolAnnotation Call
Basis for Exclusion as lncRNAblastxprotein_match
genemarkmatch, match_part
protein2genomematch_part, protein_match
snap_maskedmatch, match_part
tblastxmatch_part, translated_nucleotide_match
not basis for Exclusion as lncRNAblastnexpressed_sequence_match; match_part
cdna2genomeexpressed_sequence_match; match_part
est2genomeexpressed_sequence_match; match_part
makerexon, gene, mRNA
repeatmaskermatch; match_part