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Table 1 Comparison of draft genome assemblies of four species of brown algae

From: Comparative genomics of four strains of the edible brown alga, Cladosiphon okamuranus

SpeciesCladosiphon okamuranusNemacystus decipienscEctocarpus siliculosusdSaccharina japonicae
Assembled genome size (Mb)130135140143154197537
No. of scaffolds5415326312916853013,327
N50 Scaffold (kb)416816752105118636528252
Number of contigs31,858580359156950411,59729,670
N50 contig size (bp)21,70552,66828,06044,571626558,867
No of genes12,99912,51112,54812,18215,15617,38018,733
Average gene length (bp)7949843088178636790275429587
Average number of introns per genes9.149.519.649.5610.246.96
Average intron length (bp)530557578579588740
Repeated sequences (%)11.29.8611.5312.588.822.710.57
GC (%)54545454565450
Cegma Completeness (%)84.386.386.786.784.372.645.6
Cegma Partial (%)91.993.694.494.493.687.579
  1. Four strains of Cladosiphon okamuranus are classified as the order Chordariales; Nemacystus decipiens, the order Spermatochnaceae; Ectocarpus siliculosus, the order Ectocarpales; and Saccharina japonica, the order Laminariales
  2. aThe present study; bNishitsuji et al., [4]; cNishitsuji et al., [5]; dCormier et al., [6]; eYe et al., [7]