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Table 8 Accession numbers of plastomes analysed in the study

From: Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Barleria prionitis, comparative chloroplast genomics and phylogenetic relationships among Acanthoideae

Name of species Accession Number
Aphelandra knappiae NC_041424.1
Blepharis ciliaris NC_046601.1
Echinacanthus attenuatus NC_039762.1
Strobilanthes cusia NC_037485.1
Ruellia breedlovei KP300014.1
Justicia flava NC_044862.1
Andrograhis paniculata NC_022451.2
Barleria prionitis MK548575.1
Erythranthe lutea NC_030212.1
Scrophularia dentata NC_036942.1
Lysionotus pauciflorus NC_034660.1
Tanaecium tetragonolobum NC_027955.1