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Table 1 The statistics of the sequencing data after quality trimming

From: Transcriptome profiling of venom gland from wasp species: de novo assembly, functional annotation, and discovery of molecular markers

Number of contigs73,67265,22970,51076,458127,629
Number of characters (bp)90,906,97784,883,42884,763,58097,906,925323,495,099
Average Length (bp)12341302120212802534
Minimum Contigs Length301301301301800
Maximum Contigs Length27,68327,01824,12928,99436,048
N50 Length20262154195720863163
Median Length6947286777261962
  1. Note:VV Vespa velutina group, VAF Vespa analis fabricius group, VTD Vespa tropica ducalis group, VMS Vespa mandarinia smith group