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Table 2 The top ten DEGs up- and downregulated in B. xylophilus following exposure to β-pinene

From: Adaptation of pine wood nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus to β-pinene stress

Condition ID Fold Change P-Value Annotation
CK-BL-up BUX.s00351.319 39.7037 0.0025 unc-8, membrane ion channel and transport
BUX.s01144.121 29.7097 2.05E-15 CYP-33C4, oxidoreductase
BUX.s00460.317 22.7929 2.63E-08 ugt-48, glycosyltransferase
BUX.s00713.666 17.0264 1.97E-13 F21A3.11, acid phosphatase
BUX.s00116.700 15.8343 1.25E-14 CYP-33C9, oxidoreductase
BUX.s01063.115 15.7164 1.73E-15 CYP-33C2, oxidoreductase
BUX.s00460.348 13.8545 6.80E-11 CBG01395, steroid hormone receptor
BUX.s01198.204 11.8576 7.29E-10 T08H10.1, oxidoreductase
BUX.s00460.319 11.0362 1.44E-10 ugt-48, glycosyltransferase
BUX.s00460.315 10.0477 1.23E-11 ugt-48, glycosyltransferase
CK-BL-down BUX.s01268.31 32.3698 4.57E-07 Alcohol dehydrogenase 1
BUX.s00333.197 31.2817 0.0219 Alpha-(1,3)-fucosyltransferase C
BUX.s00713.927 30.8087 5.47E-17 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR-1
BUX.s00116.698 25.2425 1.84E-17 CYP-33E2, oxidoreductase
BUX.s01281.74 19.7473 1.54E-17 F44E5.4, ATP binding
BUX.s00036.95 15.6409 0.0004 Strictosidine synthase family protein;
BUX.s01143.144 15.3189 1.19E-14 T08H10.1, oxidoreductase
BUX.c09083.1 15.1119 4.37E-05 GST-1, glutathione transferase
BUX.s01518.87 14.4663 1.80E-05 Cystathionine gamma-lyase 2
BUX.s00713.926 14.4408 2.31E-11 dhs-9, oxidoreductase activity
CK-BH-up BUX.s00116.700 13.2573 3.42E-26 CYP-33C9, oxidoreductase
BUX.s01063.115 9.8571 1.81E-24 CYP-33C2, oxidoreductase
BUX.s01144.121 9.1615 4.47E-09 CYP-33C4, oxidoreductase
BUX.s00460.348 9.0383 2.01E-12 CBG01395, steroid hormone receptor
BUX.s01281.539 7.1376 0.0006 CBG06849, integral to membrane
BUX.s01198.204 6.9227 1.27E-09 T08H10.1, oxidoreductase activity
BUX.s01144.118 6.7539 8.33E-07 CYP-33C1, oxidoreductase
BUX.s01092.48 6.1399 7.51E-12 CYP-32A1, oxidoreductase
BUX.s00460.315 5.7481 7.06E-15 ugt-48, glycosyltransferase
BUX.s01513.352 5.0654 0.0059 BEST-3, negative regulation of ion transport
CK-BH-down BUX.s01513.34 29.6126 8.74E-03 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
BUX.s01149.11 5.2565 5.46E-13 RHY-1, transferase
BUX.s00961.158 4.1774 8.34E-12 HSP-70, ATP binding
BUX.s01281.74 4.1731 9.26E-12 F44E5.4, ATP binding
BUX.s01144.110 3.7650 6.35E-03 CYP-33E1, oxidoreductase
BUX.s01211.14 3.7264 2.07E-09 C49F5.5, histone acetyltransferase
BUX.s00139.27 3.3107 4.87E-07 Dehydrogenase/reductase SDR family member 1
BUX.s00364.138 3.1628 1.24E-07 F27D9.2, transmembrane transport
BUX.s00116.698 3.1201 3.55E-07 CYP-33E2, oxidoreductase
BUX.s00364.193 3.1149 3.85E-08 Acyl-coenzyme A oxidase
  1. CK-BL-up indicates up fold change in expression in BL samples compared with CK samples, CK-BL-down indicates down fold change in expression in BL samples compared with CK samples; CK-BH-up indicates up fold change in expression in BH samples compared with CK samples, CK-BH-down indicates down fold change in expression in BH samples compared with CK samples