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Table 3 KEGG pathway enriched differentially expressed genes for down-regulated genes in GNRH1 treated hens compared to AVT hens with FDR < 0.05

From: Transcriptome analysis of the uterus of hens laying eggs differing in cuticle deposition

Term Count P-value Genes
MAPK signaling pathway 8 7.06E-04 DUSP1, DUSP4, DUSP5, DUSP6, DUSP8, HSPA2, JUN, MYC
Jak-STAT signaling pathway 5 9.61E-03 CISH, IL10RA, SOCS1, SOCS3, MYC
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 4 9.18E-02 EDA2R, IL1R2, IL10RA, TNFRSF6B
ErbB signaling pathway 3 1.10E-01 HBEGF, MYC, JUN
Toll-like receptor signaling pathway 3 1.25E-01 SPP1, JUN, CD80
Insulin signaling pathway 3 2.09E-01 HK2, SOCS3, SOCS1
Influenza A 3 2.44E-01 SOCS3, HSPA2, JUN
p53 signaling pathway 2 3.66E-01 CCNE2, THBS1
Adipocytokine signaling pathway 2 3.81E-01 POMC, SOCS3
Focal adhesion 3 3.98E-01 THBS1, SPP1, JUN
ECM-receptor interaction 2 4.21E-01 THBS1, SPP1
TGF-beta signaling pathway 2 4.26E-01 THBS1, MYC
GnRH signaling pathway 2 4.38E-01 HBEGF, JUN