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Table 2 Vocabulary and notation for application of G-Networks to Gene Regulatory Networks

From: Analysis of two mechanisms of telomere maintenance based on the theory of g-Networks and stochastic automata networks

Biology G-Networks Notation
Gene Node where customers are stored i
Signals/notch in the scale of the gene activity information [19] Positive/negative customers  
mRNA expression level The number of positive customers xi
Translation / protein bursting Arrival rate of positive customers from the outside of the system \(\lambda _{i}^{+}\)
Degradation Arrival rate of negative customers from the outside of the system \(\lambda _{i}^{-}\)
Activation / transcription Transition probabilities of positive customers \(p_{{ij}}^{+}\)
Repression Transition probabilities of negative customers \(p_{{ij}}^{-}\)
Signals not influencing the gene activity Customers that exit the system di
Protein-protein interaction Service rate μi
  1. The first and second columns contain biological and G-Networks terminologies of gene regulation, respectively. The third column includes the corresponding notations used in this study. The subscript i indicates the ith gene