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Table 3 Neuropeptide families #6 to # 10 identified in six species of Actiniaria: A. elegantissima, A. viridis, N. vectensis, P. crucifer, S. callimorphus, and E.diaphana. This table is a continuation of Table 2. Neuropeptide family #6 has multiple copy preprohormones, while neuropeptide families #7 to #10 have single copy preprohormones. The isolated and sequenced neuropeptides from A. elegantissima are abbreviated: A-RNamide (= Antho-RNamide), A-RIamide (= Antho-RIamide); A-KAamide (= Antho-KAamide); A.RWamide1 and 2 (= Antho-RWamide-1 and -2). On some occasions, there are two or more genes coding for the same neuropeptide, which is indicated (highlighted in blue) in the last column. The preprohormone amino acid sequences are shown in Additional file 6 to Additional file 10

From: A comparative genomics study of neuropeptide genes in the cnidarian subclasses Hexacorallia and Ceriantharia