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Table 7 Presence of neuropeptide families in four species of the order Corallimorpharia: A. fenestrafer, C. australis, Discosoma sp., and R. yuma; two species of the order Zoantharia: P. variabilis and Zoanthus sp.; and one species of the Ceriantharia subclass: P. borealis. This table is a continuation of Table 6. Peptide family #6 is derived from preprohormones containing several similar neuropeptide copies. Peptide families #7 and #10 are derived from single copy preprohormones. Sometimes there are two genes, which is indicated in the last column (highlighted in blue). The amino acid sequences of the preprohormones are given in Additional file 6, Additional file 7, and Additional file 10

From: A comparative genomics study of neuropeptide genes in the cnidarian subclasses Hexacorallia and Ceriantharia