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Table 3 Seed lots of M. bovis BCG-1 (Russia) substrain No. 700001

From: First insight into the whole-genome sequence variations in Mycobacterium bovis BCG-1 (Russia) vaccine seed lots and their progeny clinical isolates from children with BCG-induced adverse events

Freeze-dried seed lota Date of lyophilization b Origin Used for vaccine manufacturing Manufacture NCBI SRA accession number
361 “sh” 09/1992 Freeze-dried Seed lot 352 “ch” (lyophilization 1963) 2002–2007 Medgamal SRR9593176
367 “shch” 11/1982 Freeze-dried Seed lot 359 “sh” (lyophilization 1966) 2001–2008 Microgen SRR9593167
368 “shch” 08/2006 Freeze-dried Seed lot 359 “sh” (lyophilization 1966) 2008 till present Medgamal, Microgen SRR9593166
  1. a the lyophilized seed lots (generations 361 “sh,” 367 “shch,” and 368 “shch”) of M. bovis BCG-1 (Russia) substrain No. 700001 in ampoules were obtained from the National State Collection of Pathogenic Microorganisms (NSCPM) of Scientific Center for Expertise of Medical Application Products of the Ministry of Health, Russia along with the characteristics (the origin and manufacture) of corresponding BCG vaccine commercial lots used for immunization; b month/year