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Table 1 Bacterial strains and genomes used in this study

From: Comparative genomic analysis of Vibrios yields insights into genes associated with virulence towards C. gigas larvae

Species Strain Year Location Reference Accession ID
V. alginolyticus 062916C 2016 Oregon This study* VTYI00000000
V. alginolyticus 081416A 2016 Oregon This study* VTYF00000000
V. alginolyticus L22Y01 2015 Washington This study* VTYJ00000000
V. anguillarum 00–84-1 2000 Washington This study* VTYO00000000
V. chagasii 00–90-10 2000 Hawaii This study* VTXW00000000
V. coralliilyticus 071316B 2016 Oregon This study* VTYG00000000
V. coralliilyticus 080116A 2016 Oregon [28] GCA_002286405
V. coralliilyticus 081216C 2016 Oregon This study* VTYE00000000
V. coralliilyticus 09–121-3 Unknown Unknown This study* VTXP00000000
V. coralliilyticus 19,105 1965 Conneticut [22]* VTXA00000000
V. coralliilyticus AIC-5 2015 New Jersey This study* VTXB00000000
V. coralliilyticus AIC-7 2015 New Jersey [28] GCA_002287625
V. coralliilyticus BAA-450 1999 Indian Ocean [20] ACZN00000000
V. coralliilyticus C154 2017 Washington This study* VTYL00000000
V. coralliilyticus OCN014 2010 Palmyra Atoll [29] GCA_000763535
V. coralliilyticus RE22 2000 Oregon [23] GCA_003391375.1
V. coralliilyticus RE87 1999 Hawaii [11] GCA_002286655
V. coralliilyticus RE88 2000 Hawaii [11] VTYQ00000000
V. coralliilyticus RE90 2000 Hawaii [11] VTYR00000000
V. coralliilyticus RE98 2000 Oregon [23] GCA_000772065.1
V. coralliilyticus X00–12-4 2000 Oregon [23]* VTYS00000000
V. crassostreae 00–69-1 2000 Washington This study* VTXY00000000
V. crassostreae 99–79-Y 1999 Washington [23]* VTXZ00000000
V. cyclitrophicus HMSC5 2000 Oregon [27] VTYP00000000
V. cyclitrophicus T6Y01 2015 Washington This study* VTYK00000000
V. cyclitrophicus 070116B 2016 Oregon This study* VTYB00000000
V. hepatarius 070516A 2016 Oregon This study* VTYD00000000
V. jasicida T3G01 2015 Washington This study* VTXQ00000000
V. kanaloae 06–86-2 2006 Oregon [30] VTXR00000000
V. kanaloae 073016A 2016 Oregon This study* VTXS00000000
V. mediterranei 00–90-15 2000 Hawaii This study* VTXV00000000
V. mediterranei 71105 Unknown Florida This study* VTXU00000000
V. owensii 00–18–3-1 2000 Hawaii This study* VTXX00000000
V. rotiferianus 00–78-3 2000 Hawaii This study* VTYN00000000
V. rotiferianus 01–65–5-4 2000 Hawaii This study* VTXT00000000
Vibrio sp. 070316B 2016 Oregon This study* VTYC00000000
V. pectenicida 99–46-Y 2000 Washington This study* VTXC00000000
Vibrio sp. 99–70-13A1 2000 Oregon This study* VTXD00000000
Vibrio sp. 99–8-1 1999 Washington This study* VTXE00000000
Vibrio sp. 99 K-1 2000 Hawaii This study* VTXF00000000
Vibrio sp. AIC-3 2016 New Jersey This study* VTXG00000000
V. aestuarianus O-00-16-10 Unknown Washington This study* VTXH00000000
Vibrio sp. RE86 2000 Hawaii [11]* VTXI00000000
V. splendidus T3Y01 2015 Washington This study* VTXJ00000000
V. splendidus 07–146-1 2000 California This study* VTXK00000000
V. splendidus 99–70-13A3 2000 Oregon This study* VTXL00000000
V. splendidus 99–70-6B3 2000 Oregon This study* VTXM00000000
V. splendidus X00–12-3 2000 Oregon This study* VTXN00000000
V. tubiashii 01–65–5-1 2000 Hawaii This study* VTXO00000000
V. tubiashii 19106 1965 Connecticut [22] GCA_000259295
V. tubiashii 19109 1965 Connecticut [22] GCA_000772105
  1. *Genome sequence and assembled as a part of this work