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Table 2 Antibiotic susceptibility testing by disc diffusion method – R = Resistant, S = Susceptible, I = Intermediate

From: Sequencing of five poultry strains elucidates phylogenetic relationships and divergence in virulence genes in Morganella morganii

Antibiotics (μg) PA17/10312 PA18/15564 PA18/16407 PA18/25921 PA19/9695
Amoxicillin (10) R R R R R
Ampicillin (10) R R R R R
Colistin (10) R R R R R
Doxycycline (30) R I R R S
Enrofloxacin (5) S I R R R
Neomycin (30) I I I S S
Oxalic Acid (2) S S S R R
Spectinomycin (100) S S S R S
Tetracycline (30) I I R R S
Tilmicosin (15) R R R R R
Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (25) S S S S S
Tylosin (150) R R R R R