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Table 5 List of novel virulence genes specific to the M2 cluster

From: Sequencing of five poultry strains elucidates phylogenetic relationships and divergence in virulence genes in Morganella morganii

Category Genes
Adherence afaAB, eae, fdeC, pagN, papADF, pixACH, sfaG, sfpAC, stiC, stkB, ycbV
Secretion system aatA, EC55989_3333, ECP_0235, ECVR50_0257, escNSTUV, espD, LF82_024, mxiH, O3M_04340, pipB, prgI, sipB
Hypothetical SG1030
Toxins clbN, stx2A, stxA
Iron uptake fyuA
Others STM0570