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Table 5 DE genes between chickens before and after light stimulation were analyzed with STRING. The top 5 results of each category are shown

From: Analysis of the brain transcriptome in lines of laying hens divergently selected for feather pecking

Category ID Description FDR
InterPro IPR000014 PAS domain 0.00000421
InterPro IPR035965 PAS domain superfamily 0.00000421
InterPro IPR022728 Period circadian-like, C-terminal 0.00021
InterPro IPR001067 Nuclear translocator 0.0012
InterPro IPR013655 PAS fold-3 0.0016
PFAM PF08447 PAS fold 0.000000543
PFAM PF14598 PAS domain 0.000000543
PFAM PF00989 PAS fold 0.0000712
PFAM PF12114 Period protein 2/3C-terminal region 0.000078
PFAM PF00001 7 transmembrane receptor (rhodopsin family) 0.0282
Reactome GGA-373076 Class A/1 (Rhodopsin-like receptors) 0.0284
Reactome GGA-418594 G alpha (i) signalling events 0.0284
SMART SM00086 Motif C-terminal to PAS motifs (likely to contribute to PAS structural domain) 0.000000624
SMART SM00091 PAS domain 0.000000624
SMART SM00353 helix loop helix domain 0.0228
UniProt KW KW-0090 Biological rhythms 0.00000116
UniProt KW KW-0010 Activator 0.0159
UniProt KW KW-0805 Transcription regulation 0.0251
UniProt KW KW-0297 G-protein coupled receptor 0.0355