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Table 4 The predicted top 50 miRNAs associated with breast neoplasms and the evidence from databases HMDD V3.0 and dbDEMC

From: MicroRNA-disease association prediction by matrix tri-factorization

miRNA Evidence miRNA Evidence
hsa-mir-155 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-106b dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-146a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-143 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-328 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-let-7c dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-29a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-195 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-15a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-326 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-17 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-141 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-20a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-let-7i dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-145 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-let-7d dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-34a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-23a dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-221 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-210 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-19a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-34b dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-206 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-let-7e dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-29c dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-335 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-150 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-146b HMDD
hsa-mir-18a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-214 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-142 HMDD hsa-mir-200c dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-15b dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-320a dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-200b dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-let-7g dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-222 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-133b dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-223 dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-106a dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-let-7b dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-451a dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-34c dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-193a dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-30b dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-663a HMDD
hsa-mir-200a dbDEMC;HMDD hsa-mir-152 dbDEMC;HMDD
hsa-mir-483 unconfirmed hsa-mir-92b dbDEMC;HMDD