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Table 4 ToxB contigs and telomere motifs

From: PacBio genome sequencing reveals new insights into the genomic organisation of the multi-copy ToxB gene of the wheat fungal pathogen Pyrenophora tritici-repentis

Contig Contig size (Mb) 5′ Motif
3′ Motif
DW5_contig_00004 (reverse complement) 3.365 + Chr5
DW5_contig_00009 (reverse complement) 2.180 + Chr10
DW5_contig_00015 0.126 None
DW5_contig_00016 0.123 None
DW5_contig_00018 0.099 + None
  1. a M4 chromosome with DW5 ToxB contig alignment