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Table 4 KEGG pathway enrichment analysis using David (v 6.8) showed enrichment in the complement and coagulation cascade and PPAR signaling pathway for ewes on E+/E+ fescue compared to E−/E- treatment

From: Differentially expressed genes in cotyledon of ewes fed mycotoxins

Code Pathway FDR Associated genes
Oas04610 Complement and coagulation cascades 2.44E-13 PLAT, MBL2, C9, C6, C1S, PLG, FGG, FGA, SERPINF2, SERPINC1, SERPINA1, SERPIND1
Oas03320 PPAR signaling 3.06E-03 APOA2, EHHADH, APOC3, APOA5, FABP1, ADIPOQ, PCK1