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Table 2 Significant gene expression changes in the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid (HPT) axis between egg production levels. Fold change and significance are presented for key HPT axis genes outside and during the preovulatory surge (RPKM> 0.2, P < 0.05). Negative fold change values represent increased expression in low egg producing hens (LEPH) and positive fold change values represent increased expression in high egg producing hens (HEPH)

From: Transcriptome analysis of the hypothalamus and pituitary of turkey hens with low and high egg production

Tissue Gene Function Fold P-Value
Outside Preovulatory Surge
Hypothalamus TRHR HPT axis signaling −1.71 0.0150
TSHB HPT axis signaling −10.79 0.0368
THRA thyroid hormone receptor −2.28 0.0274
TTR thyroid hormone transporter 3.58 0.0166
SLO1C1 thyroid hormone transporter −2.45 0.0197
Pituitary CGA HPT axis signaling 1.59 0.0217
DIO2 thyroid hormone metabolism −2.14 0.0012
SLC5A5 thyroid hormone synthesis 6.48 0.0109
ATP1B4 thyroid hormone synthesis −3.17 0.0425
SLC7A5 thyroid hormone transporter −1.58 0.0088
During Preovulatory Surge
Hypothalamus TSHR HPT axis signaling −2.07 0.0108
SLC5A5 thyroid hormone synthesis 3.43 0.0002
DOUX thyroid hormone synthesis 2.44 0.0121
SLC26A4 thyroid hormone synthesis −1.62 0.0186
TTR thyroid hormone transporter −76.13 1.11E-15
SLC7A5 thyroid hormone transporter 1.21 0.0359
SLO1C1 thyroid hormone transporter −2.83 1.34E-07
Pituitary TSHB HPT axis signaling −1.76 0.0261
DIO2 thyroid hormone metabolism −1.61 0.0436
TTR thyroid hormone transporter −11.21 0.0004