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Table 5 Fungal and algal symbiosis-related genes predicted to be related to carbohydrate flow between the symbionts

From: In vitro resynthesis of lichenization reveals the genetic background of symbiosis-specific fungal-algal interaction in Usnea hakonensis

Symbiont Gene ID Corrected p-value Predicted function Category
   Resynthesized Natural   
Fungus Uhk_000003 1.02e-148 3.38e-54 sugar transporter stl1 transport
Fungus Uhk_000004 9.98e-186 4.11e-82 sugar transporter stl1 transport
Fungus Uhk_011461 1.55e-05 6.14e-23 sugar transporter stl1 transport
Fungus Uhk_011759 1.60e-09 5.44e-81 glycerol dehydrogenase Gcy1 carbohydrate metabolism
Fungus Uhk_015443 8.40e-04 1.05e-16 6-phosphogluconolactonase carbohydrate metabolism
Alga Ttzw_019219 1.60e-05 1.52e-17 sorbitol dehydrogenase carbohydrate metabolism
Alga Ttzw_020492 8.33e-07 8.31e-29 FeS cluster assembly accessory/regulatory protein photosynthesis
Alga Ttzw_014778 2.82e-05 1.62e-20 chloroplast ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase photosynthesis
Alga Ttzw_014612 1.73e-09 1.80e-116 D1 reaction centre protein of photosystem II photosynthesis
Alga Ttzw_000076 3.22e-02 4.87e-16 carbonic anhydrase photosynthesis