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Table 6 Fungal and algal DEGs predicted to be related to phosphate flow between the symbionts

From: In vitro resynthesis of lichenization reveals the genetic background of symbiosis-specific fungal-algal interaction in Usnea hakonensis

Symbiont Gene ID Corrected p-value Predicted function Category
   Resynthesized Natural   
Symbiosis related genes (consistently up-regulated)
 Fungus Uhk_006220 1.75e-02 1.43e-19 acid phosphatase precursor / 5′/3′-nucleotidase phosphate metabolism
 Fungus Uhk_019687 3.70e-04 2.44e-64 MFS phosphate transporter transport
 Alga Ttzw_008450 3.69e-04 1.56e-90 soluble inorganic pyrophosphatase 2 phosphate metabolism
 Alga Ttzw_021111 1.31e-12 5.76e-13 transmembrane ATPase transport
Up-regulated DEGS in natural symbiotic state
 Alga Ttzw_012184 1.00 2.01e-18 proton/phosphate symporter transport