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Table 1 The origin of Fusarium oxysporum isolates sequenced in this study

From: Genomic differences between the new Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. apii (Foa) race 4 on celery, the less virulent Foa races 2 and 3, and the avirulent on celery f. sp. coriandrii

forma specialis Race Isolate name Origin: City, County in California Year collected Original isolate ID
apii Foa race 4 FoaR4 Camarillo, Ventura Co.a 2013 274.AC
apii Foa race 3 FoaR3 Unknownb Before 1981b NRRL 38295
apii Foa race 2 FoaR2 Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co.c 2010 207.A
coriandrii NAd Foci3–2 Camarillo, Ventura Co.e 2016 3–2
coriandrii NA FociGL306 Santa Barbara Co.f 2004 GL306
  1. aGPS:34.212417, − 119.058611
  2. bThe isolate was submitted by California researcher Shirley Nash Smith as F. oxysporum f. sp. apii strain T to a culture collection
  3. cGPS: 34.931793, −120.530553
  4. dNA Not applicable. We are unaware of coriander cultivars with resistance
  5. eGPS: 34.227416, −118.983724
  6. fFrom Koike and Gordon [12]