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Table 3 ANchor DIstances between the complete, core and accessory genomes of the Foa and Foci strainsa

From: Genomic differences between the new Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. apii (Foa) race 4 on celery, the less virulent Foa races 2 and 3, and the avirulent on celery f. sp. coriandrii

Portion of genomeb Strain Fusarium oxysporum strains
Foa race 2 Foa race 4 Foa race 3 Foci3–2
Anchor distances on a scale from 0 (identical) to 1 (dissimilar)c
Complete assembly Foa race 4 1.69E-02    
Foa race 3 1.69E-02 2.63E-04   
Foci3–2 1.69E-02 1.03E-03 1.02E-03  
FociGL306 1.68E-02 1.04E-03 1.13E-03 1.37E-04
Core genome Foa race 4 1.42E-02    
Foa race 3 1.42E-02 1.94E-05   
Foci3–2 1.43E-02 3.58E-05 4.11E-05  
FociGL306 1.42E-02 2.84E-05 2.97E-05 2.32E-05
Accessory genome Foa race 4 2.62E-02    
Foa race 3 2.66E-02 8.74E-04   
Foci3–2 2.64E-02 3.62E-03 3.57E-03  
FociGL306 2.62E-02 3.54E-03 3.59E-03 3.79E-04
  1. aANchor DIstances (andi) are described in Haubold et al. [18]
  2. bThe core genome was identified by homologous colinear blocks [17] with the F. oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici 4287 reference. Portions of the genome that were not in the core were classified as the accessory genome
  3. cTo analyze the data with ANOVA, andi were log-transformed and analyzed by contrast analysis. Results are shown in the text