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Table 1 Mouse strains

From: Detection of CRISPR-mediated genome modifications through altered methylation patterns of CpG islands

Abbreviated Name JAX # Genomic Modification Details Mouse Strain
Control 1 005304 Wild-type parental strain C57Bl/6NJ
Control 2 000664 Wild-type parental strain C57Bl/6 J
HDR1 028551 CRISPR-mediated HDR insertion using the pRosa-Cas9 targeting vector with an 11-kb insert flanked by Rosa26 locus homology regions, extending 1 kb upstream and 4 kb downstream from the XbaI site within exon 1. The insert contained a codon-optimized Cas9 gene linked to an IRES-GFP. C57B1/6 J-Gt(ROSA)26Sorem1(CAG-cas9*,-EGFP)Rsky/J
HDR2 028543 CRISPR-mediated HDR insertion of a 2005-bp donor DNA containing eGFP with a poly A signal in an inverted orientation at the start codon of the Rxfp3 locus. The original insertion vector had homology arms of 1 kb, flanking the insertion sequence. C57BL/6NJ-Rxfp3em2J/J
NHEJ1 028573 CRISPR-mediated NHEJ insertion of a 48 base pair duplex DNA oligo with no homology arms into the Rosa26 locus. During endogenous DNA repair, a serendipitous indel of −3 bp and + 6 bp occurred. C57BL/6 J-Gt(ROSA)26Sorem2Mvw/Mvw