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Table 4 Probability of Disease for Dogs Carrying only Non-risk Genotypes

From: Genetic characterization of Addison’s disease in Bearded Collies

SNP Genotypes Number of Dogs with Genotype Combination in Dataset Probability of Disease
CFA18 CFA11 CFA16 CFA29 Controls (N = 85) AD cases (N = 55) Probability 95% CI*
G G A A C C A A 0 0 0.024 0.002–0.087 a
G G A A C C C A 3 0 0.021 0.002–0.079
G G A A C G A A 3 0 0.067 0.016–0.170
G G A A C G C A 10 0 0.056 0.014–0.131
G G G A C C A A 0 0 0.061 0.006–0.209 a
G G G A C C C A 2 0 0.052 0.005–0.190
G G G A C G A A 3 0 0.157 0.044–0.355
G G G A C G C A 7 1 0.134 0.041–0.558
  1. The table shows the probability of Addison's disease (AD) for dogs carrying only non-risk genotypes at all four single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of interest
  2. *CI Confidence interval
  3. aalthough none of the dogs in the dataset carried these genotypic combinations, logistic regression model allowed for the estimation of the probability of disease given the known genotypes and phenotypes.