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Table 1 Named entity and trigger types in DataMLEE, the target domain dataset. In the trigger types of DataMLEE, the labels overlapped with source domain datasets are marked using ‘*’

From: A transfer learning model with multi-source domains for biomedical event trigger extraction

Corpus Named entity type Trigger type
DataMLEE Gene or gene product Cell proliferation, Planned process
  Drug or compound Development, Synthesis
  Developing anatomical structure Blood vessel develop
  Organ, Tissue Growth, Death
  Immaterial anatomical entity Breakdown, Remodeling
  Anatomical system Regulation*, Localization*
  Organism, Cell Binding*, Gene expression*
  Pathological formation Transcription*
  Organism subdivision Protein catabolism*
  Multi-tissue structure Phosphorylation*
  Cellular component Dephosphorylation*
  Organism substance Positive regulation*
   Negative regulation*