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Table 1 Summary of sequence reads for MSB and NSB samples

From: Comparative whole-genome and proteomics analyses of the next seed bank and the original master seed bank of MucoRice-CTB 51A line, a rice-based oral cholera vaccine

   Total reads Mapped reads Mapping rate (%) Coverage rate (%) Depth average DDBJ experiment accession No.a
PG0217_02_a MSB_1 389,649,421 382,752,568 98.23 94.6 97.54 DRX246636
PG2764_02_a MSB_2 181,363,917 177,123,344 97.66 93.1 60.12 DRX246637
PG2764_07_b MSB_3 210,105,305 206,082,524 98.09 97.3 68.83 DRX246638
PG2302_01_a NSB_1 471,799,917 468,225,863 99.24 95.3 118.72 DRX246639
PG2764_03_a NSB_2 170,255,253 164,675,845 96.72 86.2 56.35 DRX246640
PG2764_08_b NSB_3 176,372,027 173,912,788 98.61 91.4 59.29 DRX246641
  1. Mapping rate is the ratio of the number of mapped reads to that of total reads. Covered length is the number of genome bases covered with at least one read. Coverage rate is the ratio of covered length to the total length of the rice reference genome (373,245,519 bps, IRGSP-1.0, build 5 in RAP-DB ( Depth (the average number of reads covering a genome) was calculated by dividing the total length of all mapped reads (100 bps per read) by covered length. a Data set of each experiment accession number is listed in