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Fig. 2

From: Transcriptomic analysis of gene expression of Verticillium dahliae upon treatment of the cotton root exudates

Fig. 2

The qRT-PCR analyses of the expression of 8 DEGs selected from all DEGs. The 8 DEGs included VDAG_03038 encoding periplasmic trehalase, VDAG_03526 encoding Alpha-glucuronidase, VDAG_04513 encoding hexose transporter protein, VDAG_05015 encoding beta-galactosidase, VDAG_07563 encoding sugar transporter STL1, VDAG_08212 encoding lactose permease, VDAG_08286 encoding alpha-glucosides permease MPH2/3, VDAG_09088 encoding MFS transporter. The V. dahliae tubulin gene (VDAG_10074) was used an internal control. All reactions were measured in triplicate. The expression ratio of the gene was calculated from cycle threshold (CT) values using the 2-ΔΔCT method

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