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Table 3 Nutrient transporter expression in the midgut

From: A transcriptomic and proteomic atlas of expression in the Nezara viridula (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) midgut suggests the compartmentalization of xenobiotic metabolism and nutrient digestion

Average M1 Expression (TPM)32.7312.6022.672.6056.080.8436.89
Average M2 Expession (TPM) 103.5518.0649.532.0846.170.2636.73
Average M3 Expression (TPM)152.5717.8830.032.0140.040.7026.94
Average M4H Expression (TPM)33.0448.0085.909.0734.445.1754.84
Average Carcass Expression (TPM) 2.9815.8630.023.9015.2319.2416.54
# of M1 Transcripts over 50 TPM1110109
# of M2 Transcripts over 50 TPM1120107
# of M3 Transcripts over 50 TPM1110104
# of M4H Transcripts over 50 TPM03601016
# of Carcass Transcripts over 50 TPM0010014
  1. After filtering for transcripts with <1 TPM in all compartments, average expression values were displayed along with the total number of highly expressed > 5 and > 50 > 50TPM genes for each transporter family in each compartment