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Table 2 Top SNPs and candidate genes associated with hypocalcemia (CALC), displaced abomasum (DSAB), ketosis (KETO), mastitis (MAST), metritis (METR), retained placenta (RETP) and cow livability

From: GWAS and fine-mapping of livability and six disease traits in Holstein cattle

TraitChrPositionMAFP-valueGenes NearbyTraits Previously Associatedb
CALC610,521,8240.0148.3 × 10−10aTRAM1L1, NDST4Subcutaneous fat
DSAB497,101,9810.0214.4 × 10−7PLXNA4, CHCHD3Milk protein yield
DSAB883,052,2020.1091.3 × 10−7FANCCStature
DSAB2935,977,2360.0731.3 × 10−7NTMMilk kappa-casein percentage
KETO142,762,5950.0331.8 × 10− 9aLY6KMilk protein percentage
KETO167,048,4520.0191.9 × 10−8KCNT2Milk fat percentage
MAST688,868,8860.4604.2 × 10−8GCClinical mastitis
METR43,662,4860.0112.7 × 10−7RF00322Milk protein yield
RETP432,578,2980.2187.4 × 10−7RUNDC3BCalving ease
RETP6117,620,5480.0267.2 × 10−7QDPRMilk kappa-casein percentage
RETP117,465,1100.0609.1 × 10− 8TMEM182Abomasum displacement
RETP1864,492,2190.0121.6 × 10−7ZFP28Still birth
Livability588,823,1640.4721.5 × 10−10aABCC9Productive life
Livability688,801,9990.4541.7 × 10−18aGCClinical mastitis
Livability148,536,5380.0205.3 × 10−10aZFATProductive life
Livability1858,194,3190.0751.1 × 10−20aZNF614Bovine respiratory disease
Livability2156,700,4490.0138.6 × 10−11aCCDC88CType
Livability2326,131,5930.0173.8 × 10−9aBLA-DQBAntibody-mediated immune response
  1. aGenome-wide significance after Bonferroni correction
  2. bInformation obtained from the Animal QTLdb for cattle [19]