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Fig. 4

From: CRISPR/Cas9-mediated precise genome modification by a long ssDNA template in zebrafish

Fig. 4

NGS analysis of precise point mutation introduction to the genes th, nop56 and rps14

Total percentages of defined sequence reads classes at knock-in sites of th (a), nop56 (b) and rps14 (c) genes as engineered with three types of repair template (cdsDNA, ssODN and zLOST). All the reads are divided into four classes: WT, others, correct_HDR and incorrect_HDR. Incorrect_HDR indicates the reads containing target modification sites, but with extra undesirable amino acid changes. d Representative examples of different classes of th, nop56 and rps14 HDR knock-ins: Correct_HDR and Incorrect_HDR.

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