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Table 2 Summary of possible Na+/H+ antiporters in seashore paspalum’s transcriptome and their expression change under different conditions. DEGs (2-fold change or above, and an adjusted P value ≤0.01) are in bold font

From: Comparative transcriptome profiling provides insights into plant salt tolerance in seashore paspalum (Paspalum vaginatum)

Gene_IDDescriptionLog2FC (Snormal/Pnormal)Log2FC (Ssalt/Snormal)Log2FC (Psalt/Pnormal)Log2FC (Ssalt/Psalt)
m.194123PREDICTED: sodium/hydrogen exchanger 2-like [Setaria italica]8.88−0.22−1.099.74
m.133530sodium/hydrogen exchanger [Zea mays]0.490.02−0.070.58
m.194121PREDICTED: sodium/hydrogen exchanger 2-like [Setaria italica]−0.01− 0.970.17−1.15
m.194125PREDICTED: sodium/hydrogen exchanger 2-like [Setaria italica]0.25−0.430.3−0.49
m.207121PREDICTED: sodium/hydrogen exchanger 6-like [Setaria italica]0.55−0.1−0.10.55
m.28253PREDICTED: sodium/hydrogen exchanger 8 [Setaria italica]0.520.09−0.30.92
m.170234PREDICTED: sodium/hydrogen exchanger 2 [Setaria italica]−1.1−0.1−0.37− 0.83