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Fig. 4

From: Genomic evolution of Neisseria gonorrhoeae since the preantibiotic era (1928–2013): antimicrobial use/misuse selects for resistance and drives evolution

Fig. 4

Phylogenomic tree with the size of the core genome for the three separate eras. a Phylogenomic tree including the size of the core genome for the preantibiotic, golden, and postmodern era consisting of 1016, 1401, and 1542 genes, respectively, using the Roary pan genome pipeline. b The proportion of the genes for each era is divided into core, soft-core, shell, and cloud genes, which are changing over time and the core genome length is increasing from 0.91 Mbp to 1.4 Mbp. Core = ≥99–100% of isolates share genes. Soft-core = ≥95- < 99% of isolates share genes. Shell = ≥15- < 95% of isolates share genes. Cloud = 0- < 15% of isolates share genes

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