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Table 1 IPA summary of liver transcriptomes in-hatchling chicks--D1FED24h vs. D1FAST24h contrast

From: Transcriptome analyses of liver in newly-hatched chicks during the metabolic perturbation of fasting and re-feeding reveals THRSPA as the key lipogenic transcription factor

Top Canonical Pathwaysp-valueOverlapRatio
 Tryptophan Degradation (Eukaryotic)1.15E-1242.9%9/21
 Super-pathway of Cholesterol Biosynthesis9.65E-1028.6%8/28
 Cholesterol Biosynthesis I-III4.48E-0946.2%6/13
 NAD Biosynthesis II9.23E-0940.0%6/15
 Tryptophan Degradation 2-amino-3-carboxymuconate9.83E-0962.5%5/8
Top Upstream Regulatorsp-value of overlap# Target genes
Top Molecular and Cellular Functionsp-value# Genes
 Amino Acid Metabolism9.80E-03 - 6.26E-1125
 Small Molecule Biochemistry1.19–02 - 6.26E-1194
 Lipid Metabolism1.19–02 - 2.16E-0866
 Molecular Transport1.19–02 - 2.16E-0868
 Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism5.45E-03 - 7.14E-0721
Physiological System Development and Functionp-value# Genes
 Connective Tissue Development and Function1.13E-02 - 3.88E-0426
 Digestive System Development and Function1.02E-02 - 4.29E-0417
 Hepatic System Development and Function6.03E-03 - 4.29E-0417
 Organ Morphology1.13E-02 - 4.29E-0421
 Organismal Development1.13E-02 - 4.29E-0419
Top Up-regulated genesD1FED24h/D1FAST24hTop Down-regulated genesD1FED24h/D1FAST24h
  1. Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) was used for functional analysis of 259 DEGs (FDR adj. P ≤ 0.05) that were also “Analysis Ready” (AR)-DEGs from the D1FED24h vs. D1FAST24h contrast. The top 10 up-regulated and down-regulated AR-DEGs are presented along with their respective log2 ratio of treatment conditions