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Table 1 Sequencing and assembly results of three chloroplast genomes of Taxodium

From: Comparative chloroplast genomics of the genus Taxodium

SpeciesRaw data (Mb)Clean data (Mb)Clean data GC(%)Clean data Q20(%)Clean data Q30(%)GC Content(%)N rate (%)
T. ascendens5329489537.8598.0293.9435.22%0%
T. distichum5045469535.7498.1194.235.26%0%
T. mucronatum6946659534.1998.3894.9135.25%0%
  1. Note: Read length: read length of valid data; Clean data GC: average GC content of valid data; Clean data Q20: Q20 value of valid data; Clean data Q30: Q30 value of valid data. Total Length (bp): The total length of the sample assembly result; GC Content (%): GC content of the sample assembly sequence; N rate (%): the content of unknown base N in the sample assembly sequence